Anderson Plugs typically come in 3 main amperage sizes. 50 Amp is the most commonly used in 4wd's and recreational vehicles, 175 Amp Anderson Plugs and 350 Amp Anderson Plug. Depending on the application we have the right Anderson Plug for your installation.
50 Amp Anderson Plug
50 Amp Anderson Plugs are suitable for most vehicle battery applications from charging via a solar or other device through to jump starting from another vehicle. The 50 Amp Anderson Plug is rated to 120 Amps but for application requiring more than 80 to 100 Amps regularly you should consider a higher amperage Anderson Plug.
175 Amp Anderson Plug
Any application requiring above 100 Amps of draw should move up to the 175 Amp Anderson Plug. Although most common vehicle applications will never actually draw on more than 100 Amps in the case where there is a possibility your wiring and Anderson Plug should be installed to suit.
350 Amp Anderson Plug
The 350 Amp Anderson Plug is the highest amperage rated Anderson Plug available and can handle a load as high as 450 Amps.
Anderson Plugs
50 Amp Anderson Plug 350 Amp Anderson Plug 175 Amp Anderson Plug
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